Monday, December 14, 2009

FYI: Price Change

FYI: Now that I have more experience with portrait sessions and I feel more comfortable about my quality of work I will be raising my rates! I know sad but I will still be very reasonable and affordable. Look for my new rates January 1st. Also here is a picture of our New Investment Hank the Border Collie. We are excited to add him to our family, we have big plans for him. I am planning to train him for stock dog trials and possibly agility and depending on how well he works we will breed him with our Awesome female Bell!


  1. He is pretty. I love red tri's. My mom raises the toy assuies. If you need any help or are looking for info on shows she could probably help you out.

  2. Yeah Actually I should talk to her is she around here? A couple years ago I was driving clear to salt lake once a week for agility with Bell...that sucked!

  3. I think Rhett Searle does all of that here in Vernal. I will text you my mom's number and you can give her a call. I am sure she could probably help. SHe is here in Vernal.